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"Thank you!  Your storytelling sets were a huge hit at our teaching workshop.  It was
wonderful to see teachers from all over so excited about your products.  Thanks for sharing
your expertise!  I really appreciate it."   J.P.....Texas     

"Thanks again for your wonderful work! Your printable CDs have played an important part in
my son's language development. He loves to read and re-tell stories.  I'm guessing he has
been reading at grade 1 level since the age of 3."   C.C.....California

"Your materials are excellent. I have purchased numerous items in the past. I am an ESL
teacher and see first hand what a difference your storytelling felt pieces make in the
classroom.....My students are so excited to work with the pieces. They are vibrant and draw
my students into the lesson. Your extension materials are fabulous too. Thanks so much!"   
E.C.....New York
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